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Tennessee law on dating

An election for an office shall be held on the same day in every county in which it is held.

If necessary, appropriate legal action may be taken to insure this election is handled correctly.

While moving the election date 30 days in order to coincide with an already scheduled election date is allowed, the Election Commission does not have to do that.

In the wake of the resignation of Nashville Mayor Megan Barry on March 6, 2018, a special election to fill the balance of her term is required by Tennessee law.

Tennessee Code Annotated (TCA) Section 2-14-102 establishes the timing and procedure for scheduling a special election in the event of a vacancy in a municipal office such as Mayor of Nashville: (a) Special elections shall be held not less than seventy-five (75) days nor more than eighty (80) days after the officer or body charged with calling the election receives notice of the facts requiring the call.

An employer is not required to pay accrued vacation leave upon separation from employment if the employer’s established policy or employment contract is silent on the matter. An employer may deduct from the wages any fees received by the employee for serving on the jury.

An employer who employs five (5) or more employees must pay employees for time spent serving jury duty, except employees who are employed on a temporary basis of less than six (6) months.

An employer is required to pay accrued vacation to an employee upon separation from employment if its policy or contract requires it. An employer may not discharge or in any manner discriminate against an employee for serving jury duty if such employee, prior to taking time off, gives the required notice.

An employer must grant an employee an excused absence for jury service if the employee shows the jury summons to the employer on the next workday after receiving the summons, so long as the employee’s jury service last more than three (3) hours on the days of service.

After the final hearing, there is a 30-day appeal period.

You should not get married until the expiration of this 30-day period.

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