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Then someone notices there's another user in the Skype chat — but he or she is eerily silent.

It's Laura's ghost, of course, returned to exact vengeance on the classmates that tormented her.

SPUNK is an experimental documentary where reality and virtual reality blend into a surrealistic sexual collage.

This new storytelling language is the main reason to see Unfriended, but the digital parallels of standard horror tropes are also a lot of fun, both clever and so obvious it’s a wonder nobody has taken advantage of it before. The desperate scramble for outside help becomes a whirl through Chatroulette.

(The outdated use of the latter is meant for intentional laughs, as if to say "yup, these people are that desperate.") And the film uses glitches and video freezes as its main delivery system for digital horror: a character’s self-inflicted suicide-by-blender is all the more alarming for how little we can actually make out through the degraded stream. Unfriended’s approach to storytelling has already been dismissed as a gimmick by many critics, on a continuum with the security cameras of the Paranormal Activity franchise (like Unfriended, another Blumhouse production).

There's a good chance it happened on Gchat, via text, or in a tetchy exchange over Hip Chat.

Seeing your ex with his new girlfriend on Instagram is the new seeing your ex with his new girlfriend at the bar.

Blaire and Matt are soon barged in on by the rest of their friend group, all of whom should be familiar to anyone who's seen more than one teen horror film in their lives: the vain slut, the drunk jock, the funny fat guy.

We learn that it's the anniversary of the death of their classmate Laura Barnes, who was driven to suicide after a particularly gnarly drunk video of her was spread around on social media.

(Subtitles available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Click the CC button on the video player) Learn how you can take part in Antonio’s future work by submitting your material.

There's a wholly different dramatic grammar for these situations — how a moment plays out, how one reacts to it.

That unreadable look on your friend's face during an uncomfortable conversation has been replaced by a speech bubble and a pulsing ellipsis.

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