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Higginbotham and Kinard-Friedman have now joined thousands of pet owners speaking out on the Internet and asking the government to force a recall of chicken jerky dog treats made from Chinese chicken.Concerns over the issue first arose in 2007, when the U. Food and Drug Administration began receiving reports of sickened dogs, all with the apparent common denominator of chicken jerky treats from China.She had no idea, but she checked the label as soon as she got home. When Higginbotham checked her treats, she found the same thing.

At the opposite corner of the country, in Eastern Florida, Danielle Kinard-Friedman’s story did not end as well.Blood tests revealed that Millie was experiencing kidney failure, and so she spent a week in an emergency pet clinic receiving intensive treatment that eventually proved futile. It was Millie’s vet who asked Kinard-Friedman if she had been feeding her dog chicken jerky treats. In fact, she had just started buying the treats — under a different brand-name from Bandit’s — two months prior.The vet then asked a more alarming question: Was the chicken from China?His liver showed that he had eaten something toxic.Certain that Bandit’s inexplicable illness had already become too severe, the veterinarian suggested putting him down, and Higginbotham’s mother and son agreed. The vet could not conclusively link the chicken jerky to the illness, but Higginbotham said he thought it could be the cause.Since then, the FDA has performed hundreds of tests on chicken jerky samples and has not yet found any contaminant to explain the illnesses.Regardless, the movement has continued to gain significant momentum.Exceptions People in Uniform: People in the military, Boy Scouts, police and people in other uniformed organizations keep their hats on during “full dress.” Many other interesting regulations about hat wearing in the military exist, so hat etiquette is a required course in the military.Women’s Fashion Hats: Traditionally, women wearing fashion hats are not required to take them off.It’s purely out of laziness and a false sense of looking cool and in fashion… There is equally nothing cool about wearing your baseball cap backwards… Except In Public Places: You may wear a hat indoors (yeh… It is considered disrespectful for men to wear hats in a Christian church.even a baseball cap if you absolutely must) in public buildings, such as airports, public lobbies, and crowded public elevators. At a Jewish Synagogue or Temple: Men are required to cover their heads with a “yarmulke,” a small round skullcap, also called a “kippah,” meaning .

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