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Updating electrical service

He warrantied his work for 10 years and put me on a home maintenance plan to take care of my electrical issues in the future. Bob had to be moved 1 ft to be 3 ft away from water heater . He even replaced the stucco where there were gaping holes in outside wall.I do not like the new electrical panel box itself ,a Murray.If you are in need of a panel that can handle more than 100 amps the price goes up.

There are too many things that you could do wrong and they could be potentially dangerous and expensive. I would like to move my electrical panel to a wall just 6 feet away that is perpendicular to the location.

Can someone give me a "ball park" estimate of what this might cost? All homeowners in California, be very careful about pulling your own permits. You are liable for the workers compensation, even for a licensed contractor , when you pull the permits.

(our house was built in the 70's and we remodeled) Mc Caa came out, broke out all the stucco, replaced the panel, pulled the permits, coordinated with our local power provider (PG&E)to disconnect everything and reconnect everything, it passed inspection the first time and the inspectors seemed to know Mc Caa very well.

He upgraded everything in relation to that panel to current codes (which was included in the price).

If a private electrician grounds those wires it could pull down many house, or if they were to drop the wires on someones house or accross the street their could be huge liability issues, and it could cost the homeowner money, and the electrician his license. GRM had everything done before the last guy who I called for an estimate even called me back. Though got a 125 amp panel 10 yrs ago for new furnace and A/C unit, had jury-rigged (not by me but by electrician) and split 2/3 of circuits through the years. it's also recessed in the home, the color patch on the stucco wasn't exact but, he told me that in the beginning. 951-675-0725I recently purchased my home that is about 50 years old with an outdated electrical panel that needs replacement. (my husband went bid crazy) We went with Mc Caa because he was the most professional and most importantly he was VERY helpful in explaining all our options.

Now require everything GFI in kitchen with individual circuits for electrical stove and dishwasher. I am looking for a well experienced electrician to replace and upgrade my electrical panel from 60 amps to 200. I would definately appreciate a referral or a search engine to find experienced electricians in my area. I didn't realize we had multiple options because none of the other contractors offered that. He also gave us one flat rate price to do the entire job.He only asked for a 10% deposit (which the other contractor's asked for 50% down), his contract was very clear and understandable and our power was only off for a matter of hours because of his coordination of everything and I can't say enough good things.Additionally he was in contact with our stucco contractor to make sure that everything went smooth while stuccoing around the panel. Had a 60 amp box and want hvac installed so had to upgrade to 200 amps. Even gave him more than his asking price due to some unforseen work that had to be done.The purpose for contractors to pull their own permits isn't just to have the work inspected.The other reason is to check all of their info, i.e.0 in parts for the essentials (weatherhead, conduit, 4/0 triplex, SEU cable, meter socket, new panel, breakers) and about 0 in incidentals (junction boxes and romex to extend/reroute several circuits, wire nuts, romex connectors, bushings, glue, anti-ox compound, etc.) Free disconn/reconn from Xcel Energy. if you have never done this, pay someone to do it!!You otherwise don't know the shortcuts, tools, and codes to do it correctly the first time.Upgrading to a 400-amp panel, which is what most new homes are being constructed with, will range anywhere from 00 all the way up to 00. Your electrical contractor will be able to procure these for you, usually at a cost of 0-0.In most cases of upgrading to a 400-amp electric panel (and in some cases a 200-amp panel) you will also need a subpanel or two. You can, however, apply for your own permit and typically save 0-0.Research each electrical contractor that gives you a bid.Make sure that his license is up to date and he has not had any complaints against him.

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