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With the festivities set to get underway on Saturday, Radziwill got a call the night before when John and his wife failed to make an appearance on the island.'The phone rang at midnight, and I got just this sick feeling in my stomach, and it was John's friend Pinky, and he said, you know, 'Are they there with you?

On July 21, five days after the plane went missing, the three bodies were found and removed from the underwater wreckage.

The ashes of John, 38, his wife Carolyn, 33, and his sister-in-law Lauren, 34, were scattered at sea on July 22 just off of Martha's Vineyard by friends and family, including Radziwill. made the decision prior to his death to have his ashes be scattered at sea rather than be buried alongside his father, mother, sister Arabella and brother Patrick at Arlington National Cemetery. He passed away just two weeks shy of his five-year anniversary.

Oh s***.' And I just bolted out of bed.'Radziwill explains how she then got to work trying to find the couple, who had just been married three years prior in a ceremony off the coast of Georgia attended by only 30 guests, including Carole and her husband. 'One call led to another to another to another, and I called the Hyannis Airport many times, because I assumed that they had made a mistake,' says Radziwill.'And the whole time I'm calling John's friend and screaming into the phone, 'Please, you have to find somebody in John's family, to tell, tell them what's going on.''Radziwill's calls were not getting her anywhere however, and she soon started to realize that authorities would have to be notified about the two, who had been flying with Bessette's sister Lauren.'It was probably between 2 or 3 when I realized I had to call the Coast Guard and report John's plane missing,' reveals Radziwill.'I said, 'My cousin's missing.' And, and then he took the name, and I think there was a little bit of a, like, a gasp on the other end of the phone.'John had taken off from Essex County Airport in Fairfield, New Jersey, at pm on July 16, 1999 bound for the airfield in Martha's Vineyard.

The air traffic controller at the island airport alerted the regional FAA office in Connecticut just after 10pm when the plane had failed to arrive.

The author and Real Housewives of New York star will appear on the HLN docu-series 'How It Really Happened with Hill Harped' in an episode entitled 'JFK Jr.'s Tragic Final Flight' that will premiere on Friday.

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In the two-hour retrospective, set to air at 9pm, Radziwill details her final conversation with Bessette as well as how she went about trying to locate the couple when she learned their plane had never made it to Martha's Vineyard from New York City.'I spent 15 years as a journalist and producer at ABC News, and I thought, "OK, I need to figure out this story and solve it somehow.Radziwill had been incredibly close to John and Carolyn, having been married to his cousin and good friend Anthony Radziwill.This is why she was one of the last to speak to the couple, who she planned on seeing the evening of the crash.I need to figure out where they are, because they're somewhere,"' says Radziwill in a clip exclusively obtained by Daily It was unfortunately a lost cause by that point, with the couple having crashed as they tried to land on the island hours prior.Well it depends handouts and begging and moving town to town.Was told they robe oh sorry rob., depending on what Really great meds they posess., you know im sure some times they even sleep inside. Chelsea Caldwell., Hollin., Wilson., Hollingsworth., What shes using now.In the end, it was the conditions that evening which are believed to have caused the tragedy which took three lives.'The basic discrepancy was this: There were two different systems.There was an automatic system, which misgauged the weather, and led forecasters to say nine miles visibility,' explains Dr.She was rumoured to be dating Egyptian multimillionaire Louis C.Camilleri, 62, in July after they were seen enjoying a string of London dinners.

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