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When do jim and pam start dating

If you stopped watching when Michael Scott left Scranton to start a life out west, here’s what you missed: (MEGA-SPOILERS, OBVIOUSLY) (MORE: The Office Will End Big. But It Can Still End Well.) Jim and Pam: Had another kid, Philip.Pam’s maternity-leave replacement tried to seduce Jim, unsuccessfully.

When the documentary was about to air, she had to tell Senator Lipton that she knew about his affairs (see below) and that she hooked up with Dwight.

They got a happy ending, however, as Dwight became a black belt and was finally promoted to regional manager. Andy: Was named manager by Robert California, who ran Dunder Mifflin while it was owned by Sabre.

Ryan wasn’t the only one; if one considers the “real time” factor, as well as some comments Jim has made, then one would find the time doesn’t quite add up.

So, how long have these not-so-in-love-birds been going out?

Got promoted and then joined Jim at his new business in Philly. David Wallace: Became a millionaire after selling an invention and ended up buying Dunder Mifflin from Sabre.

Last we saw of him, he left Scranton to work in Philadelphia full-time. Ryan and Kelly: Kelly dated a pediatrician (a much better match for her than Ryan), and moved away from Scranton. (MORE: Seven Unforgettable Moments) Stanley: During a business trip to Florida, revealed his laid-back alter-ego “Florida Stanley.” Had several affairs.—a show that had already been on for seven years and had already wrapped up its main romantic plot—many viewers followed.It was hard to escape the feeling that the show had lost its momentum.Got fired by Robert California and rehired, as regional manager, by David Wallace.Learned that his father had lost all the family money; acting on an impulse, he took a sailing trip (without Erin…see below) before their boat had to be sold.Jam ‘shippers should also watch the penultimate Office episode, if only to catch an incredible clip of the best Jim and Pam momen Dwight and Angela: Angela married State Senator Robert Lipton and had a son, also named Philip.Dwight believed that Angela’s child was his, despite her insistence that Philip is a Lipton, not a Shrute.(Classic Jim: this is the same impulsiveness that led him to buy a house without asking her, except with a less-happy ending.) Roy gets married.Jim and Pam ended up in marriage counseling, with Jim deciding that Pam is more important than his job and agreeing to spend more time in Scranton.Angela still harbored love for Dwight, and briefly acted on it.We met Dwight’s wacky family out on his farm and he began to date the daughter of a neighboring farmer (Esther).

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