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Selected value not updating detailsview

I am pulling a list of about ten records from a sql server 2000 database table.

Then By Example: Name = "Joe"Age = 30Email = "[email protected]"Alternate Email = "[email protected]"In my Details View, I wish edit ONLY the Name and Email fields.

If we were to remove a field from the Grid View - say Quantity Per Unit - when updating the data the data Web control would not set the Object Data Source's Quantity Per Unit Update Parameters value.

However, the next time I run the program, the updated record is no longer shown by Sql Data Source1 and the Grid View.

It is still in the database and it gets shown in the program if I specifically search for its key.

When the selected value is not in the list of available values and a postback is performed, an Argument Out Of Range Exception exception is thrown.

The following example shows how to catch an invalid value before postback occurs: This example has a text box that accepts user input, which is a potential security threat.Data Bound method I still did not see the correct item selected when I displayed the page in the browser. That's when I decided to look at my data source again and make sure the item I was setting was in the list and sure enough... So, I was wrong in my first posting the item I was setting is really not in the list (sorry about that! Selected=True method but I don't think that makes a difference doest it?) - the value I was setting was not trimmed and had trailing spaces, where the value in the ddl was trimmed. But the wierd thing is this works just as well whether I put the code to set the selected value in the Data Bound method for the ddl as if I put the code in the Form Load event like I was trying in the first place.But now when I run the web page, I get an error indicating the item I am trying to set is not in the list. This will be fired after the data has been binded to dropdownlist.I know the item is in the list coming from the database, but I suspect it is a timing issue - that when I try to set the Selected Value in the Page Load event, the Sql Data Source control has not populated the list for the Drop Down List yet. protected void dl Test_Data Bound(object sender, Event Args e) Thanks The ddl_Data Bound method is exactly what I was looking for except I was looking for something like that on the page not on the individual ddl.This is my aspx for the Details View and Sql Data Source: Any help is appreciated.Updating the image file with a new image is working fine. It is still in the database and it gets shown in the program if I specifically search for its key This is because, by default the Enable View State property is set to "True" on Grid View.I have my grid / form showing my table2 data, I have 1 of the dropdown fields being populated from table1, when I change the specified dropdown box and click update, the data in table2 stays the is commonly used to determine the value of the selected item in the list control.Now when you try to make a "Reply" you should be seeing in the editor tool bar.I set the Person class to Data Object Type Name property of Object Data Source.

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