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I don’t generally agree with the idea of ‘members only’ bars and clubs in London because I think it’s ridiculous to pay an annual (and expensive) membership fee for little more than access to some fancy (and usually overpriced) restaurant and a private bar.However, I’m afraid I let my baser, shallower side win out this time just so I could take a lift up to the 39 We booked a table for dinner at 8pm but arrived at 7pm so we could treat ourselves to cocktails at the bar.

Despite all the glass and metal in a big open space, the atmosphere in the bar is really warm and surprisingly intimate (friendly waiters too! A table runs almost around the entire circumference of the room, with more tables scattered around the centre’s open space.

We were seated right in front of the glass walls and by pure (lucky) coincidence; we faced south looking onto Tower Bridge and could also see where the River Thames snaked around Southeast London, just by where we used to live!

Looking out over our old neck of the woods, we were treated to seeing the Tower Bridge being raised to let a small Dutch barge through.

My blue blossom martini was divine but the best drink of the night was actually the bigmonster’s non-alcoholic Thai daiquiri.

I found this picture from Google images and it’s from this website: I was going to try my hand at writing a ‘proper’ restaurant review but then thought, sod it, most people will be more interested in the photos anyway :).

So, our story below is really just a collection of random comments and thoughts which I noted throughout the evening.I’m no wine expert so will have to turn to my French friends for advice.20 minutes after the first course, our mains arrived.The house’s special cocktail was made with champagne and called The 30 St Mary Axe. The bigmonster ordered another non-alcoholic cocktail called the Fantasia – great colours and looked fantastic but was a tad too sweet. once we were seated, we were served firstly with some pork scratchings (my favourite!) which you dipped into the most divine toffee and rosemary-infused olive oil foam. The official amuse bouche was called the BLT– as in bacon, lettuce and tomato – the bottom layer was tomato jelly, topped with a bacon and onion foam and a sliver of tomato over which was poured liquid lettuce.That’s really where you want to be because it’s the highest floor in the building with 360 degree views across London.Unfortunately, it was pissing down with rain on Thursday night so I never got a chance to take my own photos of the Gherkin from the outside while it was still daylight.kurtuluş savasında büyük hizmetlerde bulunup 1921 de tümgeneral olmuş fakat sonradan yetkileri genişletilerek kolordu komutanı sıfatıyla süvari grup komutanlığına yükseltilmiş.yunan ordusunu kovalayarak izmir'e ilk giren süvari birliklerine komuta etmiştir.anyway, here’s our take on dining at Searcy’s: Getting into the Gherkin is exactly like going through security control at the airport.I would have taken a picture of the big scanners and metal detectors that both you and your bags need to go through but the Gherkin’s security detail came with exceedingly grumpy security guards and I didn’t dare to ask them for permission.

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