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However, Looking for love in cyberspace can be a very costly and dangerous business as the stories of these South Africans below prove.

Criminals and scam artists know how to work the system for love and money.

Strauss concluded that pick-up “techniques” are often basic habits that should have been taught to him by society in the first place.

She became suspicious because his spelling was poor but sought the companionship. Unluckily for him, he got his own life story confused and she asked him to stop contact.

He reacted aggressively in his messages but eventually left her alone.

Since then, she has been waiting for the police to move forward with her case. As for Russell he will have his time to answer to God.

She struggles with poor health and is paying off her debt slowly. “He continues to do things in the name of God and send me bible verses to read etc. God will ensure that he is dealt with, especially if he is doing it in God’s name.

“I have to put myself under administration this week because of this.

I don’t even have money to put food on the table.” ‘Christian’ mom scared to date A 39-year-old divorced mom with a son remains single and is too scared to look for love online after a scammer targeted her on a Christian dating site.“At school and afterwards, I could barely greet a girl, never mind strike up conversation.I’d always end up going home alone, so if you’d offered me this service 10 years ago I would’ve jumped at it.” Fast-forward to today and I’m sitting with a confident, well turned out young man who is articulate and easily keeps the interview rolling.Pretoria PA under administration after losing R300 000 A 52-year-old PA/secretary said she parted with R300 000 a while back after thinking she was paying for medical equipment to help supposedly ill people she had met on a popular dating site. She handed over information to police but felt their progress was too slow.She also alerted the major banks but believed locals were working with scammers in exchange for a cut of the money.The basis of PUA SA’s boot camps, as in the US and UK, is the book The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists, by Neil Strauss.An investigative reporter, Strauss went on a seduction boot camp with a man called “Mystery” who gave him and the other participants corrective advice on their behaviour, body language, and what to say. They say there is a tried-and tested technique in every successful pick-up.“I started PUA SA because I needed guidance myself when I was younger,” says Peimer, a film director/producer and the ideas man of the company.Charisma is a skill you can learn, say South Africa’s trio of ‘pick-up artists’, men who’ve learnt how to win women over. Ryan Peimer, 27, Darren Lurie, 28, and Josh Margolis, 24, started PUA SA just over two years ago, and have been imparting their experience as lady-killers ever since. There’s even a Pick Up Artist World Summit, which was held in Los Angeles in January. A lot, it turns out, thanks to three guys who started up Pick-Up Artist South Africa (PUA SA) and have already run nine well-attended “boot camps” for men aged 18 to 40, across the racial spectrum.

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