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Bill and Judy decide to help Lauren with her science project to show her that they care about what she's doing.They end up making the science project for her, but regret their decision when the teacher moves her to the honors class, only increasing the workload.

Bill makes fun until he picks up the book the club reads one week.

Soon, he is offering his own enlightened input into the group, and Judy begins to question her role as the "smart one."Bill and Judy attend their 20th high school reunion, and soon they begin acting like teenagers again.

Judy tells Bill that they need to try to support him, whatever he does.

In the end, Bill is pleased to learn that Brian became a cheerleader to get closer to the other girls.

Judy fixes things by arranging an outing to a blink-182 concert, where Lauren is subjected to all new, bigger humiliations. Brian joins the school football team, but quits because the other kids are picking on him.

He decides to do cheerleading instead, but Bill is unsure about Brian's decision.

Meanwhile, Brian looks to his parents for advice with a girl he likes.

Brian accidentally got the note that his dad wrote but Brian got sent into the principal's office.

Judy then decides to let her sister live her own life, and as a result she starts over controlling her children's lives with all the extra time she has in her hands.

When they can't take it anymore, Bill decides to get the two back together and establish peace in the family.

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