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I had an Asian platter for two the other day and I finished it all myself.

It was so yummy,’ she says, settling down to give her first solo grown-up interview.

Much of the credit for the fact that Georgie is so unspoilt must go to her mother Helen (here today as her chaperone but discreetly absent from our interview) and her father Mike, a lawyer, who have ensured that their youngest daughter’s education (she attends the prestigious Bradford Grammar School) comes before her acting career and that the balance of the Henleys’ family life is not disturbed by her success.

’ she says, visibly brightening at the idea of red-carpet adulation.

Nor does Georgie think of Ben Barnes – who is emerging as a serious rival to heart-throb Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame – ‘in that way’.‘I never really noticed that Ben was good looking.

It was so surreal walking down the red carpet at the premiere of Prince Caspian and hearing girls shouting, ‘Ben, I love you’, and ‘Ben, marry me’.

And if being constantly wet wasn’t bad enough, Georgie also had to master sword fighting.‘The worst thing happened in a sword scene in which I had to fight off four grown men.

We had almost got it right on the first take but the camera missed an important bit where I kick one of the men in, er, a not-so-very-nice place, and they wanted me to do it again.

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