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It’s absolutely ridiculous, but the drama really does suck you in.

Nicole Alexander won the first season, but the relationship must not have lasted very long considering they had several more seasons with new women for Flav.

We recall a recent head of one of our “top” schools – an excellent, thoughtful and compassionate man and a true educationalist – being excoriated by parents because he was rarely seen on the touchline cheering on the school teams.

But anything going on at the ultimate “posh school” – Eton College – unerringly hits headlines and as David Cameron’s alma mater (and, let it not be forgotten, that of 18 previous prime ministers) its appointment of a new headmaster is intriguing.

It’s even more interesting given that the newbie is only 38 years old.

It may be that these qualities are now completely out of date.

It may also be that parents today want the heads of their children’s schools to be something else entirely. Parents report to us on school visits and on the heads they meet.

The cash had not been recovered from the trust and the council believed the organisation would not have been invoiced but for the audit.

The audit report said the consultancy payments to the superhead’s private company were ‘not legitimate’.

Simon Henderson, the new head, has impeccable credentials – Winchester, history at Brasenose, deputy housemaster and head of history at Eton.

Deputy head at Sherborne, thence to his first headship at Bradfield College – no mean school – where they are, understandably, sore at losing him after only four years.

The sort of straight-talking head you find at an über-successful super-fab comprehensive”. Given that one can’t go much higher in his profession than Eton, it is reasonable to suppose that he might stick around for the next 20 years or so. He hardly looks 38 and is positively boyish in energies and demeanour.

Is this what parents at any school – let alone one with a unique tradition – expect or want in their head, notwithstanding his academic or sporting prowess?

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