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An unexpected error occurred while updating the deployment point

The error explained should help you in understand your next steps. For more information, see The password cannot be verified. Authentication was successful, but Azure AD Power Shell has an authentication problem. Shown as Unexpected error in the installation wizard.

Your Azure AD directory cannot be found or resolved. See Troubleshoot connectivity issues in the installation wizard. Can happen if you try to use a Microsoft Account rather than a school or organization account.

The installation wizard is using two different security contexts.

On the page Connect to Azure AD, it is using the currently signed in user.

This article explains how connectivity between Azure AD Connect and Azure AD works and how to troubleshoot connectivity issues.

These issues are most likely to be seen in an environment with a proxy server.

If you use a Microsoft account rather than a school or organization account, you see a generic error.

This error appears if the endpoint https://secure.aadcdn.cannot be reached and your global admin has MFA enabled. (Technically the first call is to https://login.and this URI works as well, but the other URI is faster to respond.) Power Shell uses the configuration in machine.config to contact the proxy.This section can be used as a reference for your own proxy and network logs. Privileged identity management has been enabled and you are currently not a global administrator.The actual endpoints might be different in your environment (in particular those URLs in This section covers errors that can be returned from ADAL (the authentication library used by Azure AD Connect) and Power Shell. The multi-factor authentication (MFA) challenge was cancelled. For more information, see Privileged Identity Management. Could not retrieve company information from Azure AD. Could not retrieve domain information from Azure AD.Make sure the machine.config file is correctly configured.If the proxy is not correctly configured, you get an error: The proxy server required a sign-in and none was provided.The proxy server is named fabrikamproxy and is using port 8080.First we need to make sure machine.config is correctly configured.For that reason, the recommendation is to update machine.config instead.The proxy server must also have the required URLs opened.If your proxy server requires authentication, make sure to have this setting configured in the machine.config.Also make sure you are using domain accounts for the user running the wizard and for the service account.

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