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Carbon dating artwork

If that theory is proven to be true, it would weaken the opposing theory that suggests that the two cultures coexisted and evolved at the same period of time, separately from each other.

“Once we see a sequence from the Levant to Europe, from the older to the younger, we can confirm that the dispersal model of the Ahmarian-Aurignacian is right.

“The culture is known for its artwork, including cave paintings and elaborately carved jewelry,” Barzilai told Haaretz , and added, “The Aurignacians are the people who begin the sequence of cultures of modern humans in Europe, who develop cave paintings and elaborate jewelry.

Scientists from the Dangoor Research Accelerator Mass Spectrometry Laboratory at the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, Israel, managed to radiocarbon date the charcoal remains from Manot Cave’s hearths.

According to reports from Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), Manot is found on the “the only land route available for ancient humans to travel out of Africa to the Middle East, Asia and Europe.” It is notable for the discovery of a skull that belongs to a modern human, which is estimated to be 54,700 years old.

This age implies that the specimen is the oldest known human outside Africa, and is evidence that modern humans lived side-by-side with Neanderthals.

A team of archaeologists investigating a cave in Israel, claims to have found evidence that prehistoric tools and artwork from Western Europe could possibly owe their existence to an earlier culture from the Middle East.

Carbon dating of prehistoric layers in Manot Cave in Israel supports a questionable theory that the Ahmarian culture of the Levant predated the Aurignacian culture of Europe by thousands of years as Haaretz reports .

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