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Randy orton dating jojo offerman

But hey, when you’re in love, why not tell the world about it?

They now have three sons together, Declan, Kenyon and Rogan.

Marissa herself started out as a co-host on Live Wire, but quickly moved into business, and she now has her own production company.

These two are more like newlyweds, with November marking their 2 year anniversary.

Kim started out as Randy’s fan, giving hope to any girls out there who ever hung a pro-wrestlers poster on their wall as a teen.

Some couples like to keep their married lives private, while others enjoy shouting about their love from the rooftops.

This couple definitely falls into the second category, with an almost constant stream of information about their relationship on social media, from Twitter to Instagram.First a news reporter, then promoted to anchor, she only entered the wrestling arena as an announcer for WWE.Meeting Cody Rhodes after being given the task of interviewing him, the pair soon fell in love, and got married in 2013.We all cheered in 2012, when Bray Wyatt made an honest woman of his gorgeous girlfriend Samantha Rotunda.But with rumors of an affair with Jojo Offerman, ex Total Diva star then employed as the WWE ring announcer, Samantha filed for divorce only 5 years later.They had a daughter, Joelle Anoa’i in 2008, who the pair often refer to as Jojo.The couple got engaged in 2012, and married two years later in 2014.Jojo was a bridesmaid at their wedding, which took place in the most magical place on earth, that’s right- a private island owned by none other than the Walt Disney Company.Another wrestling duo, Brandi is known in the ring as Eden Stiles, and had an unorthodox route to the wrestling world!This stunning woman is super active on social media, and can be found @Kim Klro.Orton has been quoted as saying that Kessler makes every aspect of his life more enjoyable, and even brings out his ‘warm, cuddly side’. Shawn reportedly had his eye on Rebecca Curci since the moment he saw her as one of the Nitro Girls, a group of dancers on WCW Monday Nitro.

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