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We analyze information that originally appeared in Barry Wilsons Dairy Industry Newsletter about the age of the European Unions intervention stocks. Complex legal challenges to status of administrative law judges now before the U. Supreme Court mean USDA cannot proceed any further at this time with the effort to create a California federal milk order.

In early January, Michigan Milk Producers Assn replaced Maryland & Virginia Cooperative Milk Producers as the supplier of condensed milk at General Mills massive Yoplait yogurt plant at Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Wisconsin dairy farmers are not used to having their milk income siphoned away.

Emmi Roth uses the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Boards Wisconsin Cheese logo on many of its cheeses. Boetel emphasized the need for expanded beef exports to maintain producers prices. Unfortunately, at some point, the profits from organic milk production attracted the big boys and now family organic dairy farmers are struggling to survive financially.

Jan Shepel summarizes the livestock outlook provided by UW-River Falls agricultural economist Dr. A Story of the Month: At the early February annual convention of the Wisconsin Farmers Union, the vice chair of Dairy Farmers of Ontario Murray Sherk presented an overview of dairy industry structure for that province. John Bobbe, director of OFARM (a consortium of organic grain marketing co-ops), lays out his suggestions for restoring integrity to organic agriculture, with particular emphasis on grain.

That law allows co-op members to write down 20% of their sales of agricultural products to co-ops. In he second half of January, the milk powder dryer at Maryland & Virginia Milk Co-ops Lauren, Maryland plant went down.

The co-op has been forced to dump large quantities of condensed skim milk, after removing the butterfat.

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