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Josh is in constant war with Megan, often being the victim of her childish pranks.Especially pivotal in the second season, Josh also has a dark side.His constant victimisation is influential to how he responds to Megan, and he is often oblivious to her surroundings, which allows Megan to pick off Josh easily.

From celebrating birthdays together or snapping selfies on car rides, the pair can't hide their affection for one another.

"So happy you're so happy," she wrote after an evening out.

After stunning Megan's hamster, Josh fears the snap might have killed the hamster, rather than merely stun it.

As a result of this, Josh fears that she might seek revenge as she "has a reason" to, and as a result of this fear, is on constant unrest and alert.

Albert Einstein (for his students) Alvin Yakitori (fake ID) Antoine (Hippie disguise) Boob/Boober (by Megan) Chives (as Drake's driver) Dr.

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Vichyssoise (doctor disguise) Juice (by Lulu) Pontiac (Jewish disguise) Theatre Thug (acting role) Walter Nichols (father)Mrs."Kim and Kanye probably have selfie outtakes like this too.....right?"Congratulations to the couple on their happy news!However, Josh has grown accustomed to how Megan behaves, and his attitude towards Megan has significantly changed by season 4.An example of this is the episode, Megan's Revenge.Although he is often known as the 'responsible' part of the relationship, Drake unintentionally pulls Josh into trouble, which Josh does not like.Josh is also portrayed to be smart, often getting straight A's in his class, and is often competition with his worst rival, but later girlfriend, Mindy Crenshaw."Thanks for the pic @samsperbeck thanks for the ring @shuapeck."For further confirmation of an engagement, we searched through the Instagram comments and saw Paige thank a follower after receiving a congratulations message.On Sunday evening, however, the posts and her account were made private.In the end, Josh lives in a pretty ordinary world with a cool step-brother and an 'evil' step-sister. Josh comes in a well-educated family, and this is reflected in the upbringing of Josh as a person.His attitude towards studies and family are reflective of a normal person. After Josh's father and Drake's mother got engaged, Josh decided to move in with Drake in order to start one big family.

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