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Updating boot support partitions as required

Anyway, being a Mac disk, I connected the new disk to a Mac and ran Disk tools, which told me that the filesystem needed repairs.

My external backup usb hard disk (WD 1.5TB) suddenly could not be mounted on my macbook, so i started a disk repair in Disk Utility.

I reordered the same WD 1TB drive because it works best with my Mac Book for size and convenience as it is packed along with my Mac Book everyday.

I can't help you much with that, because I always back up my data and I've never tried to recover a damaged volume.

The first thing to try would be to remove the drive mechanism from the USB enclosure and install it in another enclosure or dock. Otherwise, depending on the value of the data to you, you may want to consider sending the drive to a professional recovery service such as Drive Savers, which will be very expensive but gives you the best chance of success. What is the best way to stop this loop and disconnect the hard drive? This is my backup and it holds all my i Tunes and i Photo files.

For example a network is prone to interference and compromise especially since most people don't know how to properly secure their network.

Time Machine is a complicated piece of software that introduces more complexity in the user backup experience, the drives TM creates are not bootable therefore offer no hardware protection.

Be sure to check that the USB cable is securely seated at both ends.

If you can't get the drive to mount, either on that Mac or another one, then you're in a recovery situation.

If you prefer to do it yourself, some people have reported success with tools such as "Disk Warrior" or "Data Rescue." I have no idea whether those tools will work in this case. I tried accessing the drive on a different Mac with Snow Leopard and that's what I'm repairing it in. I'm having the exact same issue on Lion with a Sea Gate 3TB Go Flex HDD using the USB 2.0 mount.

I'm having the same problem, and it seems to be Lion that it does not support NTFS disk format. I could see the drive in disk utility in both macs but it wan't mounted. The HDD is my time machine backup and has been working fine for the past month since i bought it, but not won't work on any computer and hangs in the updating boot.... Once it finally did stop I was able to use the hard drive again.

It would be nice to know a permanent solution to this problem.

I lost my hard drive connection (dismounted) sometime Monday morning.

Comments Updating boot support partitions as required