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Dating clothing by rn number

If your garment has a retro-looking label without any fiber content, it might be older than 1960.

Lots of garments from the 1950s will have a fiber tag without a percentage--for instance, simply "Cotton." Of course, people sometimes just cut tags out, so lack of a tag doesn't always equal vintage.

--- Another excellent resource for labels is the Vintage Fashion Guild's label resource. Metal zippers often indicate an item made before 1960, when plastic zippers for dressmaking became more common.https://gov/pls/textilern/wrnquery$.startup Simply put in the RN or WPL number and hit find. Click on the blue link to get more detailed information like the address and possibly telephone number of the company.Companies are required to keep their information current.But, in fact the labels show up in clothes made after 2000. Look for labels that contain the letters ILGWU (International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union).These come in different colors and may also include the letters AFL, AFL/CIO, or CIO.If your item's seams aren't serged, look for a manufacturer's tag to see if it's commercially made.Since 1960, clothes have been required to carry labels saying the fiber content (with percentages) and place of manufacture.Knowing about these numbers and how to research them is a handy little piece of information should you have an issue with a garment or another textile-related item.If you need to research an item, click the link below.The uniforms of the Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Fleet Auxilary, the Sea Cadet Corps, as well as modern uniforms of the Royal Australian Navy, Royal New Zealand Navy and Royal Malaysian Navy are virtually identical to RN uniforms, with the exception of nationality flashes at shoulder height and on rank slides.Royal Canadian Navy uniforms are also very similar, though some orders of dress are no longer used, such as "square rig," and some distinctly Canadian rank insignia and titles are used; i.e., Master Seaman.

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