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Windows vista not updating

Microsoft has already started tapering off support for Vista.

Computers running Vista stopped getting feature updates way back in 2012.

Despite that, many users stuck with XP for a few more years until Windows 7 came out.

Honestly, you'll be doing yourself a bunch of favors all at once by upgrading past Vista."The time has come for us, along with our hardware and software partners, to invest our resources towards more recent technologies," Microsoft said in announcing the move. Fortunately, Vista's bad reputation led most people to abandon it years ago.Windows Vista was released in early 2007 after years of development.Despite the five year gulf between XP and Vista, there were numerous bugs and incomplete features.The reliance on XP was so great that Microsoft offers a “custom support” program.Businesses and governments that still need to use XP for some unfathomable reason can pay Microsoft a boatload of money to provide ongoing support.In fact, Vista never gained huge market share to begin with; many Microsoft customers opted to stick with the pleasing and reliable Windows XP for marathon. The embarrassment would be just as bad as the malware.Online shopping is on the increase because of the convenient hassle-free nature, with most of us so busy in the office, conventional high street shopping hours do not always match.Which means, if you're somehow stuck with Microsoft's least popular operating system, it's time to move on. That lack of support after April 11—which applies to Internet Explorer 9 as well—doesn't just mean basic inattention.From here on out there will be no more Vista security patches, no more bug fixes, and no more technical help.Microsoft is planning to quietly end support for Vista in just one month.After April 11th, 2017, Vista will receive no more updates.

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