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Dating separated men with children

Unless he is filing for divorce, I wouldn't count on him ever leaving his wife.

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Instead of analysing his every word, his every movement, his wife's every step, we should be walking away at the first hint of a red flag. You just can't get rid of the off feeling or the constant whiff of a very bad smell.. These guys who are separated but NOT divorced and play the bad mouthing ex wife game, then move back in or near to the family home are TROUBLE!

Wow this is similar to my story except the 23 yr old my husband is seeing is the motivating factor to finally sign the papers.

Listen your relationship with this man will not work... She actually stays in my old home from time to time but this is a huge age gap and ill b surprised if it does work.

For 6 months we would see each other constantly and it felt so real, he would talk so negatively about his wife that she treated him so badly and he wished i was the mother of his kids.

I would always say to him, you should go and spend time with your kids and do it regularly, but he didn't want to as his wife became abusive towards him and he didn't want the kids to see it so he kept his distance from the.

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